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Aquabuy brine shrimp eggs are available worldwide. Aquabuy brine shrimp eggs are a high quality and available in two sizes with different hatch rates.

Brine shrimp are an excellent live food for adult fish and fry (baby fish). Brine shrimp are one of the easiest live fish food available to hobbyists. Hatching and growing brine shrimp only takes 24-48 hours once you have a reliable setup and if you would like a batch ready each day - useful when feeding growing fry or picky live food only fish.

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Brine shrimp eggs are also known as sea monkey eggs! Brine shrimp are an excellent addition for your fish feeding routine. Depending on your enthusiasm you can easily include brine shrimp as a daily extra or as a special treat for your fish. Some aquarists like to install an in-tank hatching chamber - allowing your fish 24/7 supply of brine shrimp. This style of setup adds life to your tank as fish learn the source of the food and will congregate at the mouth of the housing.

Eggs typically take 24-48 hours to hatch, depending on water conditions. Aquabuy offer all information for obtaining optimal hatch rates when every purchase. In addition special hatching kits are available to offer a single sachet solution for water condition balancing.

Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs

Feed the decapsulated Artemia cysts directly to the fish.

As a food source, decapsulated brine shrimp eggs have higher energy and nutritional value than live brine shrimp as zero energy is consumed in the hatching process and lipids, amino acids, and enzymes from the yolk are left intact.

Even if you prefer to hatch your own live brine shrimp, you just have to have some of these on-hand for those times when stuff just goes wrong or to supplement your regular feeding schedule. Decapsulated eggs are actually more nutritious that the live brine shrimp since the egg yolk is fully intact and not partially consumed by the shrimp.

Aquabuy eggs are easy to portion to each tank with the included free dispensing scoop, and no more empty egg shells sticking to the sides of the glass in your tanks or killing an occasional fish due to an egg casing getting stuck in the fry's gut.

Plus you don't have to go through the daily, time consuming ritual of setting up a new hatching batch and collecting, sieving and rinsing your current batch of live brine shrimp. Our decap eggs will save you money and a significant amount of time caring for your fry and require no special preparation before feeding. Just measure and add to the tank.
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  • Can I buy online?
    Yes you can. Aquabuy offer a number of payment options, including Paypal and credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard and AMEX). Delivery time is heavily dependent on your country - this also determines the carrier.
    Are brineshrimp safe?
    Yes - brineshrimp are a natrual (and alive!) food source, safer than the majority of other packet fish foods.

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  • Aquabuy offer decapsulated Artemia cysts alongside eggs intended for hatching. Decapsulated eggs are typically a brighter orange/rust color and are the perfect food for small fish or fry. In addition they add interest to feeding time. Due to the small size of each egg your fish are forced to work harder for each mouthful - hanging around on the surface, feeding for longer.

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  • Brine shrimp are commonly available in a frozen form from your local fish shop. While this is a good way to add variety to your fishes food, at Aquabuy we feel it detracts heavily from one of the main benefits of brine shrimp - the live food factor. Watching your fish chase down brine shrimp is a compelling reason to opt for hatching your own eggs. With an Aquabuy Hatcher this is easy! Everything is included to get your brine shrimp hatching operation up and running with minimal hiccups.

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Can I breed brine shrimp?

Aquabuy sells brine shrimp eggs. Many of our customers purchase batches of eggs regularly, however it is possible to breed them and remove the need to purchase new eggs when you run out. Full details on how to grow the Brine Shrimp to breeding size are provided in the manual.

Can decapsulated brineshrimp eggs hatch?

Decapsulated brine shrimp cysts cannot hatch. Some Aquabuy customers report very low hatch rates – this is due to two things. Either un-decapsulated eggs working their way into the decapsulated stock during the decapsulating process or decapsulating not removing 100% shell....

How large is a brine shrimp?

Brine shrimp vary in size. Fully grown males are typically 8-10mm and adult females are generally within the range of 10-12mm. Eggs are much smaller, with freshly hatched brine shrimp measuring 450nanometers and up.

Are brine shrimp good for my fish?

Are brine shrimp healthy for my fish is a common question. When compared to usual fish food like flakes or pellets, brine shrimp are excellent. As a live fish food they add more than just food to your tank.

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Brine shrimp are suitable for tropical and marine fish. They are interesting for marine fish food as they do not die in a salt water tank. This can lead to reduced food waste as the shrimp stay alive after feeding and will be eaten later by your fish. Adult brine shrimp are also excellent for marine aquariums as these fish can be picky eaters. As a tropical fish food, brine shrimp are also excellent, adding excitement to feeding time in any aquarium!
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