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Aquabuy Brine Shrimp Hatcher

A modular, almost all-in-one hatching solution for your brine shrimp needs.

Why we made the aquabuy brine shrimp hatchery

The Aquabuy Hatchery is designed to allow aquarium hobbyists of all levels to easily add live food to their feeding schedule, either regularly or infrequently. The beauty of brine shrimp is their shelf life compared to other live food - allowing users to store them easily in between uses.

We designed the Hatchery to be easy to use for anyone. It does not matter if you are an experienced fish-keeper who has used brine shrimp and live food before or a complete novice - the Hatcher is easy to setup, use and comes with full instructions for hatching brine shrimp.

The Hatchery is designed to look good next to your aquarium. It was designed with storage and shipping in mind, this is why it is supplied in a flat pack, unassembled state. It will take up minimal space when in storage.

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What are brine shrimp and why should I feed them to my fish?

Brine shrimp, also known as sea monkeys (you may have had these before as a kid) are from the family artemia. These small crustaceans, which can be grown to a length of 8-10mm and mainly live in inland lakes with high salinity. When the animals feel threatened, usually due to rising salinity levels rising due to water loss in the lake through evaporation, the adult brine shrimp lay eggs (cysts) with tough shells rather that bearing live young. These eggs can be stored for long periods out of water, with cases of over 10 years being recorded in the past. When the eggs are introduced to an aerated salt water solution they hatch and you are left with baby brine shrimp.

In most cases these baby brine shrimp (nauplii) are then fed to your fish, fry or corals. It is possible to grow brine shrimp to their adult state but it requires a larger aquarium and feeding to do so. If you plan to grow your brine shrimp prior to use we still recommend a Hatchery as it stops the egg casings fouling the grow out aquarium.

Live food makes an excellent addition to any aquarium setup. It adds additional nutrients to your fishes diets and shows off behavior you may not otherwise see. We like live food and think it should be incorporated in all aquarium setups, large and small!